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"Knowledge is the food of the Spirit, and Beauty is the drink" - Eolake Stobblehouse

This is the home of the "What, me, artist?" philosophical course for artists of all mediums. The course is designed to work for painters, musicians, writers, sculptors, filmmakers... anybody working creatively, professionally or not.

The modern world holds tremendous promise for the artist. The ways to create and to distribute paintings, photography, writing, music, film, etc etc, have never been more manifold or more effective. Also the teaching of the technical side is getting better and better. Computers and electronic communication make time and distance far smaller problems than they once were.

The only problem is that with all this wonderful technology so easily available, the creative side is easily forgotten. Aesthetics becomes a matter of who can yell the loudest and fastest. Creation becomes a problem of mechanics.

And of course it isn't. It never has been, and never will be. Creation and beauty come from the heart and from the spirit. While technology and technique can be wonderful aids, they will stay mere tools, and will never replace the creator. You, the artist.

Thus, the whatmeartist course.

The course contains knowledge that different artistic activities have in common, such as:

  • How do I start a new work?
  • What can I do when I am stuck?
  • How do I handle criticism?
  • What is a composition?
  • How will I make the audience understand the work?
  • How important is technique?
  • How to control simplicity or complexity.
  • The "Architecture of Art", a new scale describing what art is, and how it works.

The whatmeartist course is written by Eolake Stobblehouse, Danish writer and artist.

In order to get more feedback to further future development, the course is now FREE for the foreseeable future. Do it here.

"Thank you for these jewels of creative artistic insight. Truly nurturing food for the soul of the artist. [...] and I especially like your insights on touching the beauty of other levels and universes, within and without... very, very insightful and inspiring! Thanks again." Russ S
Beauty is the joy of something you made yourself.

Art is co-creation. (So is a universe, but on a less deliberate level.)

Art is beautiful to a viewer when he is pleased to co-create.

Ugliness is a reaction to unwillingness to co-create.


If an artist wants to be commercially successful, he has to learn to take the viewpoint of an audience.

For example, to a painter, a painting may be an experiment in lines and shapes. But to his customers, a painting is decoration for the home.

If he forgets his own viewpoint, he may become rich, but may also become unhappy because he feels he has never fully used his power. If he never remembers the audience's viewpoint, he may become self-satisfied, but poor and unhappy because almost nobody "understands him".

If he can successfully combine the two viewpoints, that's a great start.


In art, technical proficiency is a great help in letting an artist manifest his vision. Technical *perfection* though, is a false goal and not very helpful, indeed it may lead to the audience feeling overwhelmed instead of uplifted. - Eolake Stobblehouse


Article on mixing techniques.

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